Sunday, May 18, 2014

Where in the world is Whisper?

Photo credit: Cristina Might

Whisper is with my dear friend Cristina and Cristina's lovely family in Salt Lake City, living the good life.  We drove her back from Berkeley so that she, along with both our cars, could stay in Salt Lake while we embark on our European adventure.  Although she travels well (she adopted us in Philadelphia, travelled by plane with us to Salt Lake, and then by car with us to Berkeley and back), we did not particularly relish the thought of putting her through a month-long European quarantine before she'd be able to join us.  So instead she's being given the royal treatment in her own hometown.  She's being especially pampered by Cristina's daughter Victoria, who just turned three and is very sweet and loving toward Whisper.

 I've told Cristina to make sure she tells Whisper not to get too used to such luxurious treatment. Already I am concerned about prying her from that furry pillow thing Whisper has already ousted from their resident dog Penny.


  1. LOL! A friend of mine has a cats-and-dogs household, and reports similar goings-on: the cat ousted the smaller dog from her dog-bed; the smaller dog then ousted the bigger dog from *her* dog-bed; and the bigger dog ended up in the cat-bed, curled like a pretzel. :-) A cat will always come out the winner.

  2. Hahaha, Magda, I had no idea cats are like that, but I can certainly see it now. :)