Friday, May 23, 2014

A birthday, a music video, and an attempt to channel a deer

Suresh's birthday!

Suresh's bike sported a pink balloon on which was written, "HAPPY BRTHDAY PAPA" by Rohan:

I was impressed that the balloon stayed on the bike through Papa's ride to get a haircut and back, and on throughout the entire 14km bike ride that then followed.

In the morning were decorations and cake:

and a special lunch out at Kähler Spisesalon to have New Nordic cuisine. The famous Danish smørrebrød translates, with some irony, as "bread and butter," but is, in actuality, delicious open faced sandwiches on hefty rye bread with fancy ingredients, such as smoked mackerel, chives, remoulade, potatoes, pancetta, poached egg, grasswort, gurkens, capers, tomatoes, and fish roe, piled on top.

Kähler's claim to fame is that it is a 175-year old Danish ceramics company whose clean, rustic style dominates the Danish ceramic industry. All the food in the restaurant is served on Kähler-ware, and according to the menu, the company takes great pride in making "ceramics you can taste," and in carefully choosing ware that complements the food. 

We then went on a beautiful bike ride along the harbor to Thor's Forest. Much of the scenery looked like this:

and this:

A short diversion into the Marselisborg woods took us to Aarhus Deer Park, a sanctuary for sika and roe deer and wild boar.  The deer are entirely tame and approachable; the boys got to pet them. They seemed entirely used to humans and completely at ease with our visiting them up close.

All these deer brought memories of the great number of white-tailed deer that we saw in our neighborhood in Berkeley, and in particular the pair of deer we saw one night on the street where we lived. It was night-time, and as they moseyed away from our car's headlights, Rohan giggled and said that the only thing he could see were their behinds.  This tickled both boys no end, as, yes, they are going through that phase. (Someone please tell me it ends soon and doesn't last through adulthood!) Aditya then composed a poem about this vision of the deer that went like this:

There is deer by the pair,
There is deer by the pair,
And the only thing they do is stick their butts in the air.

And if you don't like it,
We don't care,
'Cause the only thing they do is stick their butts in the air.

They're so proud
That you're cheering so loud,
'Cause the only thing they do is stick their butts in the air.

When the moon shines bright,
They go to their lair,
And when they're sleeping tight,
They stick their butts in the air.

All those deer in the Marselisborg Deer Park just happened to be the perfect setting for the music video version, he decided.

Rohan, meanwhile, was attempting to communicate with the deer in their language.  He found one young buck who did an impressive throat rumble.  I had no idea that this is the sound that deer make.

And here is Rohan, thus inspired:

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