Friday, May 16, 2014

Goodbye, California

Last impressions and lasting impressions.

I'd like to thank California for its celebration of the arts in so many forms, from the melding of science and art in the Maker Faires, to providing the boys with the opportunity to throw pots of clay at Kids N Clay:

I'd like to thank California for the opportunity to start something new:

                                                                           ... and Suresh the opportunity to do things
                                                                           he has loved in the past:

I am grateful for all the family and friends who came to visit us, all the "old" friends we caught up with [old friends, it sure was fun seeing our children become fast friends with your children, and it was great fun just getting caught up in general, just like old times], and all the new friends we made.  And of course, all the silliness that generally accompanies such get-togethers.

I am grateful that Aditya found out that a year that starts out so rough can be transformed so beautifully into a circle of friends he dubbed the "Pixar Club," and that this year he really came into his love of drawing:

I am grateful Rohan had Lynda Arnold, one of the best kindergarten teachers I have ever known, and I am grateful we found a Berkeley piano teacher, Katy Luo, whom the boys have loved as much as their Salt Lake teacher, Coleen James.

California is a beautiful place to be. I am grateful I got to live there for a short while, after many years of having been away.

Bye, California. We'll be seein' ya!

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