Sunday, August 25, 2013

Batty, as in Sa-batty-cal

This is a blog of the Ho-Venkat family adventures (and mis-adventures) for the year we are on sabbatical, which started a week ago. I have my good friend Cristina to thank for the blog's title, since she is the one who started my playing with the word 'sabattical,' referring to it as a 'sa-battle-cal.' She and my husband, Suresh, are clearly in cahoots, since together they egged me on to start a blog. (I am not, by nature, a blog writer; I like to know the ebb and flow of a story before I begin telling it, especially if that story is going to end up as a tragi-comic burlesque of family life in which the primary characters end up homeless, heartbroken, hoisted on their on petards, or some combination of all three).

It remains to be seen as to whether this blog is about an already-batty family and their madcap adventures away from home, or a rather sane and staid family who become batty from all the crazy things that happen to them, or evenso whether the blog is more about the relative batty-ness of the sabbatical itself and the people we eventually meet.  I guess that's what we're about to discover.

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  1. I love it! You are already a talented blog writer as you had me rolling with laughter on the very first post. :) I cannot wait to follow along on your adventures over the next year. We miss you all. Love and hugs from SLC!