Sunday, July 27, 2014

Norway in a Nutshell

Hanging with the locals

While the Norwegian Tourist Board itself refers to the tour we made of the world's longest open fjord, the Sognefjord, a "Nutshell" tour, it seems unfair to cram the magnificence and splendor of Norway into something so small as a nutshell, or even think of it as such.  As I found with Zion National Park, or the coast of Kaua'i, so it was with this brief glimpse of fjord country: there is no way to recapture the magnitude of beauty, the resonating depths of feeling one experiences in such an area of natural wonder, unless one experiences it for oneself.  So, with that understanding, I won't attempt to describe the experience in many words. (And, actually, Suresh's cousin did a remarkable job herself of describing this tour here and here and here.) Even the photos below can't do the place justice. 

On the other hand I would like to add that although Aditya and Rohan are very good travellers and enjoy most things, they seemed to enjoy the fjord tour the least.  I think it was because much of the appreciation of the tour required the ability to sit for hours on trains or boats, and being boys of action, after the first couple of hours, had little patience for the act of simply sitting back and soaking in the natural beauty.  I suspect they would much rather have hiked a Norwegian mountain, swum in the fjord, and gone boating in Bergen. Perhaps in a few years, they will be better able to be satisfied with just seeing and not be compelled to smear themselves in a new place in order to appreciate it. :)

Train from Oslo to Myrdal

Comfortable commuter train

A lake with a surface like reflective glass

Iciest of icy blues

A glacier (on the far side of the lake)

Historic Train on the Scenic Flåm Railway from Myrdal to Flåm

225m of Kjosfossen Waterfall
Dancer on the rocks providing excellent perspective.
Thanks, unexpected waterfall dancer!

Oh, the reflections.

The sudden mountains 
Wind and water and rocks

At the dock in Flåm

Boat Tour of Sognefjord to Bergen

Looking back

So very, very blue

Fingers of land interlocked with fingers of sea

Bridges and islands

Picturesque harbor towns


The fløibane (funicular) gave us spectacular views


Endearing house decoration

The view

What a city.

A refreshing change from riding
a train, bus, or boat

Don't worry, we won't. In fact, we love her city and her fjord.

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