Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rainbow World

On Sunday, we were enveloped in a world of color at the ARoS, Aarhus's beloved art museum, and what a multisensory trip it was.  The highlight of the ten-floor museum, and its most outwardly visible art installation, is a Rainbow Panorama which forms the tenth floor:  a completely circular, glass enclosure with rainbow tinted windows affording amazing and rainbow-hued views of Aarhus itself.


Another amazing exhibit was the fog room, a room filled with so much thock, rainbow-colored fog that it was hard to see inches in front of your face.  Suresh and I each grabbed hold of a child and didn't let go. :)  And, the photos really don't do this experience justice.  This is just one of those things that must be experienced for oneself: the feeling of slipping easily and frighteningly anonymously into an endless fog.

Alone in a room full of people that you cannot see

The boys' favorite activity was learning about a new artist, a motorcycle-riding, tatooed young guy from Los Angeles named Wes Lang, whose work is on special exhibition in ARoS until September. In the workshop space for children, the boys participated in designing their own tatooes on nylons that they could then wear.

At one point during our visit, I was once again reminded of how easily and quickly Suresh could slip into lecture mode:

The boys also enjoyed the optical illusion created by the designs on a carpeted floor:

Of course, we had to pay a visit to Ron Mueck's Boy, ARoS's signature exhibit. Lest the photo doesn't do it justice, I should state here that Boy is 14 feet high and when standing tall, we come about to just above his ankle.

And then Aditya expressed his appreciation for the life-like qualities of this piece of art by posing just like him:

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