Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eleven years, eleven months

 The Bay Area is actually a place seeped in memories for Suresh and me. We went to grad school here, met here, got married here. And so, a month before our twelfth anniversary, we packed the kids up in the car and took a drive down to Sanborn Park in Saratoga, to pay a visit to the place where we were married. It was a lovely day, dappled in sunlight, much the same as we remembered that day in May so long ago. We've grown a lot since then, a lot has happened to us since then ...

... and I wouldn't change a moment of it for the world.

George Peterson Memorial Grove

[WARNING: These next photos had both our children shrieking in horror, leaving Aditya barely able to manipulate the camera well enough to take the pictures. View at your own risk!]

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